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Top Ten VC Reasons for Passing on a Deal

10. That internet thing is just a passing fad
9. Insolent entrepreneur wouldn’t kiss my ring
8. Sorry, Can’t touch deals smaller than $500M
7. If only you were a "dot com"
6. If only you weren't a "dot com"
5. If only you were in wireless …
4. If you could just get out of wireless …
3. Heard about a deal like yours at half the valuation two weeks ago
2. Term sheet? That was just for fun!
1. I heard BioTech is going to be really big


Top Ten Entrepreneur VC Deal Closing Lines

10.  Nuclear waste will be the next big thing!
9. Hello, I'm the next Bill Gates (we actually heard this one)!
8. I’ve ordered my Lexus, when will your check arrive?
7. My probation will end in just six short years…
6. We’ll be solidly profitable once we get 90% of the market.
5. I’m really going to try to put some time into this company since the
last one flopped so badly.
4. Although we haven’t figured out how we’ll make money, I’m sure we
will be wildly profitable.
3. All we need is to capture 1% of the world population.
2. We’re going to make you famous
1. Once we cover our fixed costs, the sky’s the limit, I tell you!


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